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License Holders

Each year IGA members’ license holders give millions of dollars to support charitable and civic needs in Iowa’s communities.

Each IGA member casino has a nonprofit license holder that receives and reinvests required allocations from the casinos into numerous charitable and civic needs. Thousands of grant applications are received each year, and millions of dollars are dispersed to a diverse group of community and charitable causes. Examples include: 

The United Way
Red Cross
Life-saving equipment for fire and ambulance services
Laptops for schools
Funding for daycare and community centers
Much more!

Since the County Endowment Fund Program began in 2004, more than 28,000 grants have been made to invest more than $105 million across Iowa. Alongside this investment, the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program has leveraged more than $287 million in gifts to permanently endowed funds in Iowa. Seventeen nationally accredited community foundations help administer both programs.

allocated funds

For a breakdown of how funds were allocated by each license holder, see the most recent “Building Iowa’s Communities Through Philanthropy,” released in early 2024. To see previous years, see more about our Charitable Giving.



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