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The positive impact of Iowa's gaming industry is more than most imagine.

Iowa's casinos create a $1 billion annual economic impact, inclusive of employee salaries, purchases of Iowa-based products and services, charitable contributions and taxes. These monies touch industries that span from infrastructure and tourism, to environmental conservation, cultural attractions and other projects throughout the state. Whether giving Iowa-owned companies the chance to compete for casino business, helping to conserve Iowa's precious natural resources, or embarking on other worthy projects, our state gaming culture is more than slots and cards. It's about giving back, investing in the future and supporting communities. 

In 2019, IGA Members:

  • Generated more than $1 billion for Iowa's economy. Economic Impact Statement 
  • Purchased $244 million of products and services from Iowa-based businesses through the Buy Iowa First Program. In fact, 86% of the total expenditure by casinos on products, supplies and services went to Iowa-based vendors.
  • Paid more than $402.5 million in local, county and state taxes. State tax revenue funds a variety of significant projects, including grants throughout the state and investments in community tourism, state park infrastructure, workforce training and development, prison construction projects, conservation efforts, Vision Iowa and more.
  • Awarded $95 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in counties with casinos. Read more in the "Building Iowa's Communities Through Philanthropy" annual report
  • Employed nearly 8,800 people, with an annual payroll with benefits of more than $293.6 million.
  • Added value to our state's growing tourism and entertainment industries with exceptional convention and hotel facilities.
  • Hosted more than 20.3 million visitors in 2019. See all the stats in the 2019 Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Annual Report.
  • Supported Iowa's agricultural industry by purchasing millions of pounds of beef, chicken and turkey; thousands of gallons of milk; and several million eggs. Each member provides a detailed breakdown of the property's agricultural commodity purchases.
  • Continued their commitment to responsible gaming. IGA members oppose under-age and intoxicated gambling, as well as unregulated and unauthorized forms of gambling. IGA members support having a premier program for gambling treatment, prevention and outreach programs.

Economic Impact

$12.3 Billion in Economic Impact Since 2008

Each year since 2008, the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission has released a statement of the economic impact our member casinos have generated. Click the year to see the statement in its entirety. 

Year Total Impact Iowa Impact
2008 $1.12 Billion $1.03 Billion
2009 $1.06 Billion $967.02 Million
2010 $1.04 Billion $944.78 Million
2011 $1.11 Billion $998.90 Million
2012 $1.14 Billion $1.03 Billion
2013 $1.08 Billion $972.44 Million
2014 $1.18 Billion $1.04 Billion
2015 $1.18 Billion  $1.04 Billion
2016 $1.20 Billion $1.06 Billion
2017 $1.12 Billion $1.01 Billion
$1.14 Billion
 $1.03 Billion