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Shouldn’t your promo supplier be giving you more than just an invoice?

As a complete solutions provider we have you covered when it comes to promotional products, premium incentives, personalized gifts and apparel:
  • Flexible Return Terms
  • Just-In-Time Delivery Service
  • Excess and Overflow Storage
  • On-site Event Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Pro and Post-forma
  • Print-Ready Marketing Collateral Service
  • Direct Mail Services

“Whether it be with logistical help, labor help for a giveaway, or finding the right product at the right price-point, C3 delivers where many vendors fall short. The C3 team has all surpassed being just “vendors,” they’re part of our family, and they work tirelessly with you to make sure that all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, just as they have with us.”
Spencer Wiggers | Promotions and Entertainment Supervisor Lumière Place Casino and Hotel

For Viejas Casino & Resort the choice to work with Concept:3 was made on the basis of better product selections, lower costs, and unrivaled service subject to meeting all of the challenges they were facing. The casino is a beautifully appointed 2,500-machine property located in the hyper-competitive market of Southern California. Located the farthest geographically of their three biggest competitors, Viejas’ biggest challenge is ensuring a client’s return visit.

Viejas’ loyalty marketing strategy relies heavily on product gifting: a two-day weekly continuity program plus three stand-alone gift days. The obvious challenges being access to product options, keeping costs low and managing storage space.

For Viejas Concept:3 has proved to be the perfect solution to their challenges, and the results were immediate and astounding in terms of player redemptions, incremental visitations and an overall better experience for both the players and the property. With its extensive experience in the casino marketing industry, Concept:3 continues to be their provider of choice.

About Concept:3

Concept:3 is the fastest growing casino marketing company in North America. Offering the largest selection of product options and retail brands at every price point, we are the best choice for a complete solutions provider.

Karl W. Kamb, Jr. / Owner

Victor B. Diaz / Sales

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