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eSpotlight: eWay Corp.

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eWay Corp

Quinn Gutshall
Manager, Operations and Delivery

JP Singh
Chief Executive Officer

eWay Corp takes old-world business and seamlessly moves it into today’s evolving digital world.

The eWay Approach
Today’s rapidly changing, disruptive technological landscape has presented opportunities for IT to deliver exponentially greater value. From conception to continuous delivery, eWay’s global force of consultants and technology experts partner with you to combat challenges with the promise of providing maximum value to your organization by:
  • Freeing in-house IT of the day-to-day business maintenance, allowing them to focus on core business objectives
  • Reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency and agility
  • Providing access to a global team of experts

Digital Transformation
In a more connected, digitally driven world growing at an exponential pace, it’s key for any organization to increase both the volume and drive sustainable business efficiencies. In rebuilding infrastructure eWay can create a holistic digital environment that will optimize your operations, create a more engaged customer base, and empower employees to deliver greater business value. This is accomplished through:

  • Removing information silos and fragmented IT communication points
  • Reducing data redundancies
  • Connecting business units into a seamless line of contact
Compliance, Cyber and Security
As your company’s digital transformation continues to grow, protecting it becomes even more crucial. That’s why a dedicated IT security team is key to safely building your business. With eWay’s rigorous prototype, template coding and debugging process, we can prevent any initial problems in security while continuing to bolster your infrastructure as it grows through:
  • Integrate systems to create a unified security architecture
  • Share threat intelligence across the organization
  • Ensure safeguards work on all parts of the network
  • Automate more than half of their security practices

eWay Experience: Working Directly with IGA

Before becoming an associate member, eWay Corp worked directly with the IGA to help it overcome the new challenges a growing digital world poses.

With the 2017 changes in Iowa law, the IGA needed its database to quickly become compliant with these new guidelines. They also needed to comply with current security standards and to ensure the website and database did not contain any vulnerabilities while allowing member casinos to access the database in a seamless manner.

To accomplish this, eWay Corp developed, designed and executed a comprehensive upgrade to a database required to maintain an accurate and confidential list of these exclusion records. Through the careful study of the requirements, detailed prototype development process, and debugging phase, eWay Corp launched a seamless program that was functional, complied with the new requirements, and was, most importantly, secure.

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