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2015 Gaming Legislation: Bill Tracking

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The 85th general assembly recently passed the first funnel deadline. Following are gaming-related bills that remain alive. You can visit the Iowa Legislature here. You can sign up to track bills here.

Bill No. Concerning Follow Along
SSB 1012 PASSED. An act concerning lottery games & revenue for support of veterans. Read it
HF 281  An act relating to fantasy sports contests. Read it.
HF 146  PASSED. An act concerning gambling game-prohibited activities and making penalties applicable. Read it.
SF 166  PASSED. An act relating to fantasy sports contests.  Read it.
HSB 110 An act that phases out the requirement for casinos to pay taxes on promotional play over a three-year period.
Read it.
SSB 1202 An act relating to the appropriations to the justice system (find Section 15, lines 4-32 on page 18 for the amount budgeted for DCI gaming enforcement in the FY15-16 budget). 
Read it.
SF 438 PASSED. Exchange wagering. Read it. 
SSB 482  An act concerning social and charitable gambling and making penalties applicable. Read it.
HF 438 PASSED. Veterans lottery games. Read it.

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