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Gaming Counties: Contributing to Iowa’s Future

In 2004, the Iowa General Assembly passed three significant initiatives to promote charitable giving and encourage the formation of new Qualified Community Foundations or Affiliates. The legislation:

  1. Ensures that a portion of gaming tax revenues are directed to the 85 noncasino Iowa counties through qualified organizations.
  2. Provides tax credits for permanent endowments to community foundations.
  3. Provides start-up grants that foster community philanthropy.

Among the states with legalized gaming, Iowa is the only state that requires the regulated licensed casinos to contribute a portion of their revenues to local charities and community projects. Each year our members provide millions of dollars to charities through their respective nonprofit license holders. You can view these grants and charitable contributions by visiting our property or nonprofit license holder pages and searching the drop-down menus on the left, or by searching on the respective license holder's website.

Nongaming Counties: County Endowment Fund

In 2004, the Iowa Legislature implemented the County Endowment Fund Program, which distributes a percentage of the state's gaming tax revenue to qualified community foundations in the 85 Iowa counties that do not hold a state-issued gaming license. The community foundation organizations then grant 75 percent of those funds to charitable projects within their counties and place the remaining 25 percent in a permanent endowment fund, which is intended to attract other donations and provide a source of permanent funding for charitable projects within the county.

In 2015, $10.62 million was distributed to 85 community foundations across the state, averaging approximately $124,705. Through Iowa Community Foundations, counties have the resources to encourage and grow endowment funds that will provide charitable support to many causes both now and in the future.

We encourage you to view the 2014-2015 "Building Iowa's Communities Through Philanthropy," a collaborative summary by the Iowa Council of Foundations and the Iowa Gaming Association. The report showcases the impressive results in the form of charitable grants awarded to numerous worthy organizations.

Building Iowa's Communities Through Philanthropy

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Iowa Council of Foundations


The number of grants that were awarded in 2015 to worthy charitable organizations in counties without casinos through the County Endowment Fund Program

Shown above: Jones County's Amber Community Club Handicap Accessibility Project.