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eSpotlight: Data Business Equipment, Inc.

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Who is DBE?

Data Business Equipment, Inc. (DBE) is a locally owned company based in Des Moines that has been servicing the cash, coin, and ticketing needs of Iowa casinos for decades. With a focus on a consultative approach, we pair our experience with best-in-breed solutions to provide the most impact on your operation. All these solutions are backed by the most expansive service team available in Iowa. Our technicians are trained professionals, and we can proudly boast coverage within an hour or less of every property in the state.

Cash Recycling: Automate the routine transactions to focus on guest service

Cash recycling has been a mainstay in the banking industry for quite some time. Through the development of new solutions by Glory Global Solutions, these highly efficient devices are now available to the gaming industry. By automating the cash in and out of employee banks, casinos can drive down the amount of cash on hand as well as limit the amount of time spent before and after a shift. With robust, real-time reporting, all inventory can be viewed remotely including across multiple properties. Our process will help identify the best areas to implement automation and will provide you with a documented ROI to show how your investment will pay you back.

Are you using Excel spreadsheets to track the movement of money?

G&D Currency Technology is bringing automation to cashier transfer slips, cage checkout sheets, and cash requests that enables you to save valuable time, labor, and even PAPER! CashView reduces the manual effort inherent in the process while also saving hours in accounting spent reconciling paper slips. In our experience, most properties have created home-grown solutions using spreadsheet programs, and this can eliminate those while still totally honoring the procedures in place today.

How efficient is your count room?

DBE combined with G&D Currency Technology has the most comprehensive lineup of hardware and software solutions available to address casino count rooms large and small. Once geared for the largest casinos, our solutions are now capable of supporting tabletop to large device, and header card processing to one box at a time. G&D quality is never disputed and with the release of new solutions, we can now match that quality to the size of your count room and your budget.

In addition to the solutions outlined above, we carry the routine products that keep things moving inside the casino. From coin processing to currency counting and even full-service kiosks, DBE has the solutions you need to maximize efficiency across your operation. Please contact us to discuss how these products can help you!

Your Data Business Equipment, Inc. representative:

Josh Banta

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