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Associate Member Highlight: Everi Payments

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Everi Payments is leading the evolution of payments in the gaming industry and as such, we have put significant effort into stabilizing the technological platforms for all our cash-access offerings. This allows for the addition of enhanced security features and integration between all cash-access products. These core enhancements allow us to create feature-rich and user-friendly cash access and payments products to support the industry trends.

NEW PRODUCT! The Everi Cares Giving Module

Everi wants its players and casinos to be empowered to take charge of their winnings. The Everi Cares Giving Module allows players to easily donate funds to fully vetted charities and enables casinos to give back to their communities, enhance their own corporate responsibility programs and better engage with players looking to donate to charities. The module is designed to make social consciousness a convenient priority on the casino floor. Players can donate all or part of their ticket to select charities by redeeming gaming vouchers at an Everi full-service kiosk.

Our giving program, operated through the full-service kiosk footprint, mutually benefits casino operators and communities:
  1. It helps reduce the amount of abandoned vouchers and lowers coin-handling expenses by directing coin redemption awards to charitable donations. (This could potentially eliminate the need for coins on the casino floor.)
  2. It helps build community awareness for casinos.
  3. It helps increase the profiles of local charities.
  4. It appeals to the generosity of the millennial generation. 

Innovative Solutions for the Casino Floor

All Everi Payments’ products are focused on bringing innovation to floor-wide cash access, improving cash handling on the casino floor and providing data-driven solutions.

With an unmatched focus on helping operators save both time and money, Everi’s innovative funds-access products provide players with the options they need to manage their funds for use on the casino floor. Everi solutions like CashClub Wallet and our newest full-service kiosk create unique user experience efficiencies for players, while representing a bridge to the casino of the future as they bring cashless and other payment types to the slot floor.

In today’s environment, casino operators are continually looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce overhead and manage rising labor costs. Everi’s industry-leading cash-handling solutions, such as Everi’s RecyclerXchange and CageXchange, are ideally positioned to automate and even eliminate certain tedious cash handling functions, allowing operators to focus their attention where it is needed most: on the player.

Everi’s data-driven product solutions comprise a suite of proven, industry-leading software tools designed to deliver better player intelligence to the decision makers who shape the player experience.

The company’s powerful set of integrated offerings, including the award-winning Everi Compliance platform and AML Intelligence solutions, allow operators to dig deeper into complex player trends and behaviors to identify the critical information that leads to better, player-focused decision making across the enterprise.

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