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Associate Member Highlight: Capitol Marketing Concepts

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Capitol Marketing Concepts: Your One-Stop Shop for Player Incentives & Promotions

When it comes to incentivizing your players to hit the tables and up the ante, Capitol Marketing Concepts (CMC) has everything you need to encourage your players to do just that. Since the early 1990s, CMC has worked with all industries as a full-service incentive marketing agency with three core products that have excelled in the gaming industry: experiential travel, online loyalty rewards points promotions, and merchandise/continuity programs.  

Experiential Travel

With a full service in-house travel agency, CMC is able to provide white-glove treatment and customer service to your players and clientele. Traveling several hundred thousands of people each year, it is our primary focus to make sure your players have the best experience possible on their trip. With the ability to customize any of our travel packages, we have options such as major sporting events, hunting and fishing packages, beaches around the world, and bucket list-type packages with once-in-a-life time experiences that will turn the heads of your players. (See left for examples: Play in an adult sand box; drive a tank; hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon; swim with sharks.)

Merchandise & Continuity Programs

CMC has a strategic partnership with ShowNation, a Native-owned company. This allows us to provide an extensive selection of name-brand merchandise for continuity programs. No matter how big or small the request, our established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers allow us to go out and get almost anything you can think of! 

Online Rewards Points Programs & Promotions

CMC’s claim to fame is that our parent company, Meridian Enterprises, actually patented the concept and technology for loyalty rewards points back in the 1980s (think credit card rewards points, Chase Bank, etc.). With this expertise and background, we are able to design custom-tailored promotions for your players to enjoy an online shopping experience for thousands of popular items. Whether it is a long-term loyalty Players Club program or a one-time “shopping spree” promotion, CMC will design the online loyalty rewards site for you and take care of all the fulfillment as your players spend points they’ve earned at the tables and machines on items such as YETI coolers, hunting gear, smart phones, smart watches and more. There is truly something for everyone!

IGA Member Experience – Catfish Bend Casino

Since becoming an associate member this year, CMC has had the pleasure of working with Catfish Bend Casino on two separate trip giveaway promotions:

  1. First, we put together custom packages for Catfish Bend to send four winners to the Chicago Cubs’ season opener in St. Louis, as well as four winners to the Cubs’ home opener to be a part of the World Series ring ceremony at Wrigley Field.
  2. The promotion was so well-received that Catfish Bend decided to send four lucky winners to the Chicago Bears game verses rival Green Bay Packers in Chicago.
The most important part of these trips is that Catfish Bend’s players had an unforgettable time, and they only have Catfish Bend Casino to thank for it!


Tom Coffeen

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