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Imagine This:
Our Continuity Program is unmatched!

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This article was written in conjunction with Imagine This, a Diamond-level associate member of the Iowa Gaming Association.

When looking at the long-standing relationships Imagine This has with so many people in the Iowa gaming industry, we realize how time flies, and how lucky we are to have such great partners. It has been an honor to work with many different casino clients across the state of Iowa.

When in Iowa ...

It gives us a good feeling knowing the revenue we help generate is reinvested statewide and locally, and impacts each citizen in such a positive way. In fact, recently we were invited to participate in the GIVE golf tournament hosted by Prairie Meadows. We jumped at the opportunity not only from a charitable contribution standpoint, but also for the opportunity to participate for such a great cause.

Imagine This Continuity Program

Imagine This is the largest casino marketing company in North America and services more than 350 casino clients in both the commercial and tribal gaming industry. Operators realize the days of “if you build it, they will come,” are behind us now in most markets, including most of Iowa. It is now a battle for wallet-share. There is no doubt it is competitive out there, and casinos need something new to set them apart from competition and drive incremental revenue. Look no further! We have it – the Imagine This Continuity Program.

Casino operators want a risk-free, 100% accountable way to build their brand, drive incremental bottom-line revenue and acquire new players with no up-front costs. With this objective, Imagine This developed an exclusive continuity program based around just that.

Our Value Proposition is Simple

In just 30 days, we can:

  • Generate substantial incremental bottom-line revenue for our clients.
  • Create ROIs in the 200-900% range using our 100% risk-free, 100% successful program.
  • Provide full transparency alongside proforma projections.
  • Use a customized, targeted, data-driven approach.
  • Deliver a proven turn-key program.
  • Point to more than 350 partners to prove we’re vetted by the biggest casinos across the country, in every market type.
Our FREE services are unmatched in the industry. We are the only casino marketing company that knows how to design and execute this type of program to ensure immediate success. More than 95% of our clients see their investment returned within the first week – the rest of the 30-day program is pure profit! Hands down, it is the most profitable and accountable promotion in the gaming industry.

We know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Let’s meet, share our case studies/references, and we’ll show you in person how we work. No extended commitments or substantial up-front investment is ever expected. We simply ask for the opportunity to prove ourselves – and our one-time results speak for themselves.

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