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The Printer Inc.:
Iowa’s Own Casino Marketing Pro

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When it comes to gaming expertise, Iowa’s homegrown favorite is The Printer Inc., a Des Moines-born company that has been effectively reaching its target audiences since before casinos were opened in our state. TPI’s gaming partnerships became such a success that for the past seven years, the company has focused solely on serving clients in our industry.

Gaming Specialists

TPI has been perfecting its partnership with casinos since 2002. With its focus on serving the gaming industry and its approach to reaching gaming customers through various traditional and digital media, TPI has made itself a powerful partner for delivering outstanding strategy, implementation and results. TPI is executing direct marketing initiatives for more than 250 casinos across the country and into Canada.

Going Digital? TPI’s Been There.

Iowa gaming professionals probably know TPI as a go-to partner for direct mail solutions, but with the robust digital services they provide, the company has essentially flipped its dynamic. While it retains its expertise in traditional print and marketing products, TPI has also led the marketing industry by providing proactive digital solutions such as mobile apps, digital flip products and specialization of variable email deployment. This year, its proprietary “players club in your pocket” app, My Offers, earned a national award (see sidebar).

Jessica Hoffman, Director of Client Services at TPI, says the company’s hyper-focus on the gaming industry makes it a pioneer in using technology as a strategic marketing tactic. For example, on Oct. 5, TPI unveiled a Social Gaming Platform in partnership with Traffgen, a leading technology company. This new offering is embedded in TPI’s mobile app and delivers a personalized interaction with players, as well as a range of tools that allow the casino to manage player experience, promotions and remote gaming. The platform collects information from players and provides casinos with actionable data on a player’s preferences. For more information, see the press release here.

“After years of experience in the gaming industry, we’ve honed in on the best way to use variable-driven technology,” Hoffman says. “That expertise and our long-time execution of highly complex direct mail and digital loyalty initiatives allow us to target the savvy audiences of casino clientele.”

Since 2010, TPI’s primary focus has been on serving its casino industry partners. Its commitment to creating new digital and direct mail products while maintaining quality-control and security measures sets it apart from others in the space. For innovative, cutting-edge and proven audience engagement strategies, Iowa-based TPI is the partner to turn to.

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