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Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows began operations as a nonprofit organization in 1989 with the goal of lessening the burden of government by promoting economic development, jobs, agriculture, and tourism for the state of Iowa. As a nonprofit organization, Prairie Meadows fulfills its mission by giving back to organizations that support arts and culture, education, economic development, and human services. In addition to our philanthropic calling, our mission drives us to value our guests, employees, and community through outstanding racing, gaming, and entertainment that exceeds expectations.

Our vast entertainment offerings coupled with exceptional guest service and a luxury hotel have made Prairie Meadows the No. 1 entertainment destination in Iowa. Prairie Meadows’ success is a result of its dedicated and diverse workforce. We employ 1,239 people with an additional 90 seasonal positions during the spring and summer months.

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One Prairie Meadows Drive
Altoona, IA 50009-0901
Phone: 1-800-325-9015 or 515-967-1000
Fax: 515-967-1344

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