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How much of the money the casinos make is put toward education?


The amount dedicated to public education from gaming revenue and charitable contributions varies each year, and it is a significant amount and commitment. Following is a listing of money earmarked for public education:

  • In 2018, IGA members paid $405.3 million in city, county and state gaming taxes. Because public education is a significant portion of the general funding each year, a large portion of the gaming funds are used for that purpose. 
  • A portion of gaming tax revenue each year goes to the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF), which funds new buildings, fire alarm/sprinkler system upgrades and more at the three state universities, as well as schools for the deaf and blind. In 2018, $102.3 million was invested in RIIF.
  • Each member casino contributes millions of dollars annually to its respective nonprofit license holder, who in turn provides grants to thousands of worthy organizations. Those beneficiaries span a variety of programs, including laptops for schools, library books and other requests. A few include scholarship programs. In 2017-2018, $1,181,647.77 of the County Endowment Fund was earmarked as education spending.

For a better perspective of where the gaming tax revenue is allocated, look at our website under the Reinvesting in Iowa section (Gaming Benefits Iowa; Appropriation of State Taxes; Charitable Giving; Buy Iowa First; and Iowa Ag Commodities) to find out more about how IGA's member casinos benefit Iowa.

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