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Can a person reverse the self-exclusion program from a casino or all casinos in Iowa?


Yes, the legislature established in 2017 a process to allow a person who had signed the statewide lifetime ban option between November 2004 and July 24 2017; and has been excluded for at least 5 years to request reinstatement. The process for requesting reinstatement will be to complete and submit a form available only from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Individuals who complete this application must wait for written confirmation that they have been reinstated before re-entering the wagering area or gaming floor of a casino. Expect this process to take at least 1-2 weeks.

For more information on the Self-Exclusion program, please visit the IRGC website. To speak to someone about the program, please contact the IRGC directly. Its  contact information can be found here.

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