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The Iowa Gaming Association (IGA) is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1999 to support the state's gaming industry. It is an advocate for commercial gaming in Iowa and communicates timely and accurate information about gaming to its members, the public and Iowa's legislating bodies.

The IGA:

  • Educates the public about the economic impact of gaming.
  • Advocates programs related to the gaming industry in Iowa through collateral pieces and other public awareness initiatives.
  • Provides the latest gaming industry research to help citizens make informed decisions based on fact.
  • Facilitates interest and commitment to problem gambling prevention and awareness, as well as gambling treatment programs.
  • Communicates regulatory revisions to member casinos and other interested parties.
  • Supports its members' commitment to hiring and promoting women in gaming 
  • Keeps abreast of legislative issues concerning the gaming industry in Iowa and throughout the country.

The IGA's members created more than $1 billion in economic impact in Iowa in 2021.

The IGA Mission

To promote the benefits of Iowa's casino gaming industry and advocate mutually agreed upon positions. The IGA is comprised of 19 commercial riverboat and racetrack casinos across Iowa. We are united in the effort to promote the positive economic impact the gaming industry has on our state. While the membership of the IGA is extremely diverse, we speak with a unified voice in accomplishing our mission. 

Creating Jobs

IGA members employ thousands of Iowans, and together we make a commitment to purchase products and commodities manufactured and grown in this state (Buy Iowa First)